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Gisli Bergmann

Studio News

Dalston Underground at the Rio Cinema at Home With the Ludskis

For one night only artists from Dalston Underground Studios exhibited in the Rio Cinema's Basement as part of At Home With the Ludski's 3: Winter Garden Edition on Saturday 14th January 2012 from 11.30pm to 3am. Miyuki Kasahara (Guest Artist) - Calum F. Kerr - House of O'Dywer -
PLAZA (Ed Simpson & Oliver Herbert) - Marina Potok - Lisa Slominski - Lex Thomas - Nick Wild

Granny Ludskis doors opened at 11.30pm

It was a post-festive scene outside

Dalston Underground occupied the Basement - Here works by Lex Thomas

To study Lex Thomas's highly-detailed neo-techno-romantic paintings viewing devices were supplied

A visitor zooms in on Lex Thomas's painting

Left: 'Exchange Prints' and 'Location, Location, Location' by Lisa Slominski.
Right: 'Peacock Mashups' and 'Paradise (1) by Nick Wild

Left: 'Exchange Prints' and 'Location, Location, Location' by Lisa Slominski
Right: 'Peacock Mashups', Watercolour on paper by Nick Wild

'His/Her personal sky' installation by Miyuki Kasahara

Visitors experience 'His/Her personal sky' by Miyuki Kasahara

A visitor looking into one of Miyuki's ear planets can view a strangers personal secret or memory inside

A selection of short video works screened by Marina Potok

'Parko', a mixed media installation by PLAZA (Ed Simpson & Oliver Herbert)

'R-I-O Bravo', a live hidden sound performance by Calum F. Kerr started at 11.30pm

Calum was assisted by The New Biographical Dictionary of Film by David Thomson, pictured with illumination

Upstairs, the Foyer became a disco inferno

Anne Pigalle performed on the stage and big screen

What everybody had been waiting for, Granny Ludskis return, with saw

At Home With the Ludskis 3: Winter Garden Edition Flyer

How to Find the Dalston Underground (Shacklewell Lane):

Dalston Underground Studios - The Basement - 28 Shacklewell Lane - Dalston - London - E8 2EZ. Press Button 1 on the entry phone to the left of the outside door for admittence.
Please make an appointment before visiting.

Rail: Dalston Kingsland Silverlink Station
Buses: 30, 38, 67, 149, 242

From Dalston Kingsland Station turn left walk past the Rio Cinema then cross the road. Turn right at 'Nandos' and go down Shacklewell Lane - the studio entrance is on your right about 50 metres down.

Studio News Archive

May 2005

Dalston Underground @ Unit B

In May 2005 Dalston Underground opened a new studio building in addition to the Shacklewell Lane Studios.

The new studios are found at Unit B, Leswin Place, Stoke Newington, London, N16 7RJ

The spaces was initially taken by the following artists:
Caspar Below - Paul Gillespie - Kevin Quigley - Eti Wade - Joe Walsh
Simone Weingardner - Eva Wienmayr

Unit B Studios closed in December 2008.


December 2003

Dalston Underground Studios Showcase

Saturday 6th December 2003

The space adjoining the studios was open for a late-night showcase of work by Russell Chater, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Abigail Durrant, Calum F. Kerr, Steve Knowles,
Alan Liddiard, The House of O’Dwyer, Elizabeth McAlpine, Josie McCoy, Laura Norder, Atsuko Sasaki, Tamara Tracz and Delia Woodman.
Below are images of the event.

Dalston Underground Showcase

Left-Right: The work of Tamara Tracz and Calum F. Kerr

Clockwise from Left: The work of Elizabeth McAlpine, Laura Norder and Atsuko Sasaki


November/December 2002

Dalston Underground Studios - Open Evening

Thursday 28th November 2002

The studios were open for an evening of artist talks, performance and video.

Involving: Russell Chater, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Abigail Durrant, Benjamin Ferrier, Paul Gillespie, Calum F. Kerr, Dickon Langdon, Alan Liddiard, Gary O’Dwyer,
Josie McCoy, Atsuko Sasaki and Delia Woodman.
This programme of presentations and discussion formed links with other artists and studio organisations.

This event was co-organised and supported by Vision In Art - www.visioninart.org/


July/August 2002

Dalston Underground Studios exhibited at the Fresh Art Fair 2002
from 19th-21st July 2002 in the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.

Below are a selection of images from our stand

Above - The Dalston Underground stand during the private view

Above - Ariel view of the whole stand during the private view

Above - Clockwise from Left:
The work of Josie McCoy, Russell Chater,
Calum F. Kerr, Margaret Anderton, Josie McCoy
and Calum F. Kerr (floor based)

Above - Clockwise from Left:
The work of Paul Gillespie, Julia Dogra-Brazell,
Michelle Barber, Atsuko Sasaki, and Calum F. Kerr (floor based)


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