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Gisli Bergmann


Photos of the Dalston Underground Open Weekend 19th & 20th March 2011

Dalston Underground Studios (above)

Artwork in the communal project space

Communal area with Rubber Parlour underwear on the wall

Lex Thomas's studio on the Sunday

The House of O'Dwyer

'Paintin' on the Wall' (Flitcroft/Kerr) - Part of 'Calum F. Kerr and Many More...'
A different work every 45 minutes on Saturday 19th

Still life drawing sessions at Calum F. Kerr's studio on Sunday 20th March

Visitors still life drawing on Sunday 20th March

Nick Wild in his studio

Marina Potok screened her documentary film about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster

In The Rubber Parlour with Vanessa Broomfield

Jason Mountolive barricaded himself in just leaving this text outside

Gestures and profanity awaited anyone looking in

Dalston Underground Open Weekend 2011 Invitation Card

Photos from the 10 year anniversary exhibition at The Boys Hall, 68 Boleyn Road, N16 8JG. 5th-7th November 2010.

Opening Night (Steve Knowles 'Silver Skull' on the balcony)

Opening Night

Horatio D. Davies returns after 112 years

Death to the King performs

Then it's Rex Nemo & the Psychick Selfdefenders

Naomi Doran; Keskarn Arsirarat (foreground)

Calum F. Kerr (foreground)

Russell Chater (foreground)

Gillian McIver (foreground); Cake & Neave (back left); Marina Potok (back right)

Michelle Reader (foreground)

Atsuko Sasaki (foreground); Delia Woodman (back far left); Josie McCoy (back left)
Kevin Quigley (centre); Lex Thomas (back right)

From left to right: Steve Westwood; Margaret Anderton; Nick Wild; Laura Yuile

Far left: Patrick Michael Lee

The Rubber Parlour

Jason Mountolive

Left to right: Rose Smith; James Lander; The House of O'Dwyer

Rose Smith - 'Dalston Underground Souvenir Pencil: Aluminium Jubilee'

Dalston exhibition visitors

Dalston Underground: Ten Years Invite

An exhibition by the Dalston Underground Studios in the legendary Boys Hall in Dalston.

Dalston Underground Studios opened in October 2000 as an artist-run studio space in Shacklewell Lane, Dalston. As a celebration of ten years of underground creativity, current studio artists have invited previous studioholders to exhibit alongside them at the Old Cholmeley Boys Scout Hall in nearby Boleyn Road.

The opening from 7pm until beyond midnight on Friday 5th November will be presided over by Lt Col. The Right Honourable Horatio D. Davies M.P who originally opened the Boys Hall on this day in 1898. It will also have performances from Rex Nemo & the Psychick Selfdefenders and an EP launch by Death to the King with music inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

To attend the opening email your full name to dalstontenyears@yahoo.co.uk and join the guest list before Friday 5th November.

Exhibitors: Margaret Anderton - Keskarn Arsirarat - Cake & Neave (Formerly the Little Artists) - Russell Chater - Naomi Doran - House of O’Dwyer - Jane Howard - Calum F. Kerr - Steve Knowles - Gillian McIver - James Lander - Patrick Michael Lee - Josie McCoy - David McKeran - Jason Mountolive - Marina Potok - The Rubber Parlour - Kevin Quigley - Michelle Reader - Atsuko Sasaki - Ed Simpson - Rose Smith - Lex Thomas - Steve Westwood - Nick Wild - Delia Woodman - Laura Yuile

Exhibition Opening Times: Saturday 6th November & Sunday 7th November from 12 until 7pm
Free for All


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